Squirrel Proof Finch Feeder

This feeder is wrapped in metal wire and has a metal cap to keep squirrels away! Your finches and other small songbirds will love this bird seed feeder designed with thistle-eating birds in mind. They can easily cling to the metal that keeps larger birds and squirrels from getting to the food.
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If you are looking for a finch feeder that keeps squirrels from eating all your bird food in a single sitting, you are going to enjoy this Squirrel Proof Finch Feeder:

  • Heavy Duty Materials: Although it only weighs 3 lbs., this bird feeder is built to stand up to everything squirrels can think of to get to the bird seed. The metal is impenetrable.
  • Eight Feeding Ports: With four feeding ports for clinging birds and another four perches, this feeder offers finches a great place to eat as a flock.
  • Squirrel Proof:The metal mesh wire that wraps around the feeder is more than just a place for small birds to cling. It also slides down over the feeding ports when a squirrel or heavy bird lands, making the bird seed inaccessible to them.
  • Patented Seed Ventilation: This Squirrel Proof Finch Feeder is designed to let humidity out while allowing the fresh air in to circulate and keep the thistle seed fresh longer.
  • Just the Right Size: Standing 20 inches tall and able to hold 1.4 quarts of bird seed, this bird feeder is the perfect addition to a busy back yard.

When you look for a durable, attractive and effective squirrel-proof feeder, you'll find this one is a great choice.

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