Country Style Squirrel-Proof Hopper

If you are looking for a large hopper feeder that is squirrel-proof, you are going to like this sturdy metal bird feeder that is built to keep squirrels out! You can spend hours watching the birds eat at this country-style feeder, while squirrels are frustrated by the built in mechanisms that keep them from getting to the bird seed.
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Once they notice this bright-colored feeder, cardinals and other birds that prefer to eat at hopper feeders will keep coming back. In fact, cardinals may even stay year-round if you keep your feeders full (and there is fresh water nearby). What a treat that would be!

This Country Style Squirrel-Proof Hopper has several features that make it special. A lot of care went into designing this feeder and it shows in the details:

  • Squirrel proof. Not just a little squirrel proof either. This feeder has an adjustable metal bar that slips down when squirrels or heavy birds try to get to the bird seed. You can adjust the springs to make sure you are just feeding the birds you want.
  • Well made. The Country Style Squirrel-Proof Hopper is made of metal and designed to last. It holds up to 12 pounds of bird seed at a time, making it the perfect feeder for a busy yard.
  • Functional and attractive detail. The weather vane on the top is there for more than decoration. Simply twist it a half-turn to remove part of the metal lid for easy re-filling.